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Since Diwali (Nov 5), it has been constant downtrend in the market bringing fear and anxiety among the investors. Ireland, China along with some consolidation on account of profit booking is to be blamed. Nifty plunged over 6.5% causing india vix to rise by over 12% in 9 trading days.

vix and nifty since diwali


  • GOPI BALAJI says:

    You information on India Vix is excellent. It is really very helpful to me in decession making while trading.


    This is one of the important tool to understand options beheviour.this is very true that as vix rise markets probability to decrease increases and vise is very helpful for traders.

  • Bijay K S says:

    very helpfull tool india vix for trading in nifty but sir both of these will change at a time how we will guess

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