The Options Calculator below calculates the options contract pricing based on the Black Scholes options pricing model. This model is appropriate for nifty options as these contract are european options.


  • amit says:

    how to calculate expiry days ? is it conclude sat & sun too ?

  • Jason says:

    Thank you for the Black Scholes Options Calculator. I have been looking for a tool like this on the web. I will create a link to my website so my team know this is out here.

    Very nice…

  • om shankar rai says:

    how to calculate days to maturity and risk free rate?

  • kl agarwal says:

    Very good thanks.could you suggest some OPTION GREEK calculator n scanner, will oblidge.

  • k l agarwal says:

    yes totaldays to expiry inclu…. satur sunday

  • amit kumari says:

    very nice calculator,sir i want to make this calculator please send me easy step to make this calculator if possible…………..thanks


  • Vishal says:

    Can you please share the formulla how to calculate it .I want to import this formulla in excel sheet .

  • Ram says:

    Hi, Thank you. This is really a cool tool and almost accurate.
    Just a simple update to this would be, after every calculation the values are reset to the default value in the calculator. If you could update that to use the values that the user used in the last calculation would be really great.


  • Chitra says:

    In this calculator, the price of deep in the money put option keeps falling as you move farther out or increase the days to maturity. Why does that happen. In foreign calculators, the price increases. Also, if you look at nifty option chain, the price of 11000 strike put option is almost same for April and December expiry, when spot price is around 8000.
    Is there a mistake in your calculator.

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