India VIX Live Chart

Live Charting of NSE VIX at NSE’s Website

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  • Shreeya says:

    Can any one tell me how cani watch VIX on odin

  • ROY says:

    we can prepare for trade as per vix moves. can say trade with minimum loss or sl

  • Chetan says:

    Can see vix chart of indian stock futures

  • tukun says:

    hi. i think vix india is currently only an instrument to watch future volatility. it is not a trdading instrument.

    • Yes, NSE has plans to introduce derivatives on india vix but not sure when will it be done. Once, this is introduced it can be very effectively used to hedge the portfolio in times of volatile markets.

  • Jay Khanna says:

    Whenever the VIX hits a high of 33 + , You should buy High Beta Value stocks for tremendous returns,
    also Check S&P VIX index besides the India Volatility index.
    volume analysis on VIX will not only help you with support and resistance but also to time the market precisely.

    Time Fibonacci analysis is very important which you may not find out the web elsewhere but only on my blog.
    keep logging in for more technical analysis tips and strategies.

    Jay K

  • Bear 2 bulls says:

    This market is not for Indian retailers. The big traders controlling this market with their so called programmed Algo TRading Softwares. When ordinary traders putting orders thru NCFM qualified dealers some smart guys are trading with their HF Trading Softawres and reeping the benifits. What the fucking Sebi doing there. Scammers…..

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      We provide update for nifty future on commission base, we provide only one call in a day, 100% intraday no btst or positional, if you like trade with us please call to Mr. Amit Kumar: 09891812236 free trail also available.

      Our condition: min: 20 lots of nifty future, our aim make maney from market no from customer

  • vijay kanjani says:

    can we have some calculator for intraday option trading using implied volatility

  • Aashish says:


    Nifty chart not updated since few months in your Nifty v/s VIX Index

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